Going Live...

We live in a world where websites going live is a common occurrence.  But, when it is yours, it is really exciting to see it happen.  I was full of anticipation for “THE EVENT” - the moment when anyone could go to and see us – begin to know us better.  Now everyone has a better understanding of what I have been doing for the past 8 months. 

The feeling I have now is incredible - CopperBeech LLC is for real, even though we have been working with clients for months.  We are legitimate. We are an “internet citizen”; a “member” of the World Wide Web and our www address in cyberspace is as important as having a street address. 

An online presence is a major part of our identity and it helps define who we are.  When I was young, watching American Bandstand on Saturdays was how I defined myself.   God rest your soul, Dick Clark, you were a leader and a pioneer and you definitely embraced uncertainty! 

Wow!  Who would have ever thought?  Never in my wildest dreams.

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