Philanthropy is alive and thriving.  Despite these tough unprecedented economic times, the human spirit of giving prevails.  A recent charitable event – an annual Gala at AtlantiCare, the largest health care provider  in Southern New Jersey, SOLD OUT.  They were at maximum capacity – 1100 people.  There was a waiting list of donors and members of the community who wanted to give money to attend.  They far exceeded their fundraising goals.  Every not-for-profit organization, every business, for that matter, can only hope to have SOLD OUT happen to them.   It is a great problem to have!

You reap what you sow.  AtlantiCare has spent the last several years focused on making an investment in the health and well being of the people and families living in the communities they serve.  They stayed on course to be a good corporate citizen and make it an organizational priority.

The success of their Gala proves that the results of their steadfast commitment to good corporate citizenship and their philosophy and mission to make the world a healthier and hence, a better place, can be measured in two words – SOLD OUT!  People want to support their important work and be on their bandwagon.  AtlantiCare is doing something right.  Bravo!

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