Women & Philanthropy - The Power of the Purse

I recently attended an amazing event.  It was the annual meeting of Impact 100 Philadelphia.  Impact’s mission is:

  • To educate and engage women in philanthropy.  
  • To collectively fund high-impact grants for charitable initiatives
  • To raise the profile of deserving but lesser known NPOs
  • To highlight unmet needs in the Philadelphia region

The “business model” is based on 100 women giving $1,000 annually.  Since 2009, they have grown from 111 women members providing grant funding for one organization to present day giving close to a quarter of a million dollars out to five local organizations.  Wow! 

The World Café Live was the perfect venue for this great event with great food and drink, of course, and networking with lots of really cool women from all walks of life connecting with one another through a common bond – the power of the purse. The competitive grants field was narrowed down to five NPOs and they all presented their case for giving on stage – live.  Their amazing stories were told with incredible passion, emotion and energy.  At the end, members voted and the top two $100K grant recipients were selected that evening.  Congratulations to The Village of the Arts & Humanities to underwrite their new publication - CRED Youth Arts magazine and After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP) for their Debate & Chess:  Philly’s Next Generation of Strategic Thinkers program.  Every organization went home a winner with support for their program and a chance to raise awareness and visibility amongst this attentive, captive audience who cares.   Leave to a room full of women to get that done – and we were out on time – 9 PM on a Monday night in the summer.  Hats off to Charlotte Schutzman and Ellan Bernstein- co-presidents and all others who organized this effort – you ladies rock!  Check it out . 

P.S.  Here it is a month later and I am still thinking and talking about that night and what an impact it had on me.  Count me in! 

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