August – The Most Productive Month of the Year

While driving to the beach in Brigantine, NJ, I was listening to a radio interview about how August tends to be the worst month for the stock market.  The trade volume slows down and returns can be sluggish at best. The person reporting the story then made a direct correlation to August being the biggest vacation month of the year and therefore, people were unproductive. 

I look at it differently. Taking time to relax, to re-charge our batteries and re-fill our cup is the most productive thing we can do. 

I once read that maximum productivity is making something happen with as little effort as possible. 

Think about it.  Take time to reflect on what that statement truly means and how it is relevant to you.

What makes this time of year the most productive is the following notion:  when we spend time and energy in leisure mode it helps improve our intellectual capacity.  When you take the time to calm your mind by settling the details and stop running around; your mind will become calm.  If your mind becomes calm, you can think in front of a tiger.  Mencius is credited with saying something like that a very long time ago it must have been in August on the beach when he took time to relax and be productive...

Enjoy August and make it your best month of the year! 

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